Use Android Knowledge to build side hustles

Satya Pavan Kantamani
5 min readJun 1

The easiest way to reach direct customers or clients to earn additional income

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Mobile app usage and development has significantly increased in the last couple of years. It’s one of the dominating platforms in the technology industry. I have been in mobile app development for more than 10 years now and I still love building things and watching the results instantly. I have seen companies growing huge and going down. I have been working as a developer for a good time now and I still love to continue on the path. I would like to share few of my interesting experiences which helped me in building these side hustles with the Android knowledge.

Android Side hustles


I am a 9 to 5 job guy like most of you who tries to meet our daily expectations and targets. Though we are busy in our day to day lifes, I believe spending time towards passion is a good habbit. Luckily in my case, I came across the idea of doing a side job via freelancing app development without leaving my current paying job for my expenses. At the start, I had many questions but I liked the idea to learn more and earn more while I am young. So I started searching online portals and reaching out to people who have posted the requirements regardless of the pay. Finally, with my little experience of 1 year, I have secured a freelancing job for contributing 2 hrs per day a whole month for 100$ which is 60 hrs paying 100$ from 2013 to 2014. Financially it didn’t make any difference but as I am keen to learn things quicker I used it as an opportunity that paid really well in terms of learning.

This way my side hustle journey began yielding not much financial benefits but good learnings. As I am in the earlier stages of my development career I had a hunger for learning so I spent most of my time with either the freelancing or the main Android developer job. It’s been a tough time in terms of work-life balance but I wouldn’t have been in the current stage if I have not spent that quality time in learning things. It didn’t just help me from a technical perspective but most importantly it helped me in terms of understanding apps business, ads revenue, and dealing with people. These skills helped me in my career progression.

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