How to Plan a Trip

The Ultimate & Practical Guide for Travel Planning

Satya Pavan Kantamani
6 min readJan 26, 2020


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Travel has become easier and cheaper, so tourism has skyrocketed in the current century. Tourism can be simply defined as travel for pleasure. Usually people when felt bored of doing their daily jobs or when they want to have some fun time they are picking some spots to travel. As we have plenty of options available these days we can choose to travel based on our interest and budget.

As a traveler, I had been planning my trips last few years to go where ever I want so I decided to list out the things to prioritize and challenges which will play a crucial role in a trip planning. There are many tour operators on whom you can rely on allocating some budget, however, I had never taken assistance from any tour operator to plan my trip. Because I was interested to explore the places my self so that you can better explore the culture, beauty, and everything in the place where we go. Whenever you pick a tour operator they will design the itineraries and send it to you and we simple fallow them as the rules we follow in our daily jobs. But we need to pick our interests to explore. How can a third person understand your tastes in exploring?

No one better understands you other than yourself.

Planning a trip can feel like the most exciting and the most overwhelming part of travel. For planning a trip we need to decide different things like

What is the Budget?

Where to go?

What would be the itinerary plan?

Backpacking the things

Check out some travel tips

What is the Budget

This is one of the most important things to decide before we plan where to go. Fix the budget of your travel so that you will have a good idea to decide on where to go and what to do. Without deciding your budget never try to jump into the ocean of options because you will regret things later if you are a budget lover. If you did not fix the cap of budget the money will flow from your pocket to things like stays, activities, food, etc.



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