A Romantic trip to Bali

Bali — must be visited by every ❤️ couple at-least once in their lifetime

I am writing about my personal & Romantic journey of Bali.

scenic view from villa

After our marriage we thought of going on an vacation. We felt excited because Bali was our first International destination. There was a lot of information on Internet which help’s to plan one’s trip without any broker.

Firstly, we are so panic that we don’t know anything about the country like the currency, language, culture and people. One of my sister had recently visited Bali so with her experiences and ideas explained we planned it accordingly. She was our guide for the tour. But the hotels and places to visit are finalised by ourselves because each and everyone has their own interests. We opted for Airbnb to book all our stays. Airbnb worked fantastically all the stays are beautiful and at low price.

This paragraph is for budget lovers you can skip if not interested. As we flied from India, we got the cheapest tickets from Bhubaneswar airport. The total air tickets costed around 25k approximately for both sides. We booked our hotels on Airbnb which are very cheap when compared to costs in any other country as per my experience. We got all POOL villas below 5k per day some even at INR 1500. Total hotel stays costed me around 20k for 9 nights. You can get all the details where we stayed how are villas while we are diving in. Book pool villas for romantic experience.

After reaching Denpasar airport we got out through the immigration. It’s nothing but an check. There is no need to apply for the visa. Many countries have visa on arrival option including India. Please check for your country reference before booking. As we pre-booked our villas including pick-up & drop options, one of our villa representative is waiting at airport to receive us. On the way to villa we took new sim cards with only data pack recharge. It’s approximately 1hour journey from airport to UBUD. We reached the villa and the receptionists were are so friendly that they gave us a welcome drink and sorted out all other process. We checked in to our villa which was so beautiful and has scenic views around. We loved the stay at UBUD.


On First day as we are tired of journey we thought of taking rest on that day. Next day we woke up in the morning, had break fast and left for rafting which was very close to our stay. We are 3 pairs in boat. One from China, One from India & One from Russia. We enjoyed the rafting.

Post rafting we went to an coffee factory not remembered the name exactly. There we have enjoyed swing. Nothing much special.

Coffe estate @Ubud

Post to coffee estate we visited a holy place by name Tirta Empul Temple. It was one of the best experience of Hindu culture there. They have some rules which we need to follow before going into the temple like dress code and for ladies mainly no loose hair allowed you need to band it. It was belief that water has great medicinal values so people prefer to take bath here before going inside the temple. The architecture of temple was very different when compared with India. We had a great cultural time here.

On third day morning we had a relaxing breakfast we checked out villa and left to Monkey forest on the way to Canggu. It was one of the must see spot on the Ubud list. We missed some spots like Mount Batur, Goa Gajah, Saraswathi Temple, Bird park etc.

Monkey Forest @ubud

We reached Canggu around 5PM in the evening. We had a separate 1 Bed room with Pool. Thanks for the host Ika Devi I remember. She and her husband left to a trip leaving entire property to us. We had a great stay there.Have a look at the villa below

We checked into our room. After we took Scotty for two days hire and left to Canggu beach to spend some time leisurely. At the time of taking scotty we also had booked Surfing slot with trainer for 2 hrs for next day morning. It’s a little bit costly but you will enjoy the time. The beach is peace-full with less crowd. Rather than Canggu you can also opt Seminayak, Kuta where most people prefer to stay. It was your interest and budget that decides the place. But remember one thing in my opinion the beaches of Kuta, Seminayak or Canggu they were no more than Indian beaches with more number of traveler’s from different countries so visit the islands suggested below for a good experience. At Night we went out for a dinner to Kuta. We faced many problems with food as we are not native. Find something related to your own taste and if you are a foodie you have a lot of options here.

Dinner @kutta

I would like to explain one problem we faced here. On the way back home scotty was not getting self started. I used my skillset for 15 mins but nothing worked. After we requested a security guard to come and check he just came near the bike just took the stand and it got started. Then we understood that without taking the stand off bikes they wouldn’t get started. It was an safety measure. Then we rode back to villa and took rest.

On fifth day morning we went for surfing in the morning. The trainers are local people and they are friendly too. We played a lot and enjoyed surfing. After surfing we decided to have Balinese massage experience. Then I recollected my sister has suggested me about Sundari Spa in Kuta. So we reached spa had massage and on the way back we tried lunch at some local hotel. I felt excited to taste Indonesia food but I did not have much because the taste is different and rice cooked with some coconut oil. At Sundari Spa we spent around 3K and at hotel around INR 500. Massage was good & relaxing experience.

Surfing @Canggu

After lunch we drove back to villa enjoyed in the pool for some time and got ready to explore Tanah Lot temple. It took around 45 mins drive. We reached a bit late it got dark. There was heavy crowd at the spot. It is one of the best spot in Bali. You must devotee some time to visit this place. Enjoyed the scenic views and shopping.

Tanah Lot @Bali

Islands Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida

These islands are my favourite spots over the entire trip. The travel to islands is a bit costly and difficult too. So we booked the pickup and drop option along with boat ride. So the driver came and picked us and on the way he picked some other passengers too and he dropped us at Sanur I think can’t remember exactly. There are many fast boats here which take tourists from busy city space to beautiful Islands. There are three islands Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Cenigen you can choose where you want to stay. Apart from this part there was another place called Gili islands.

It took around 1 hr for boat travel and pick up and drop around 3 hrs. It was my first boat journey on the ocean the waves are hitting the boat like anything we felt a bit nervous.We reached the hotel around 1 PM. The pool the rooms the location everything was awesome. Please check the photos below. One fantastic thing about our hotel is that they have one tiny little beautiful island before our hotel. There is a way down to an open Ocean and they also have an option of Kayaking. After checking in to hotel we took some rest went to some restaurant side by and at evening we spent at our own private island had enjoyed Kayaking. It was really awesome can’t express in words.

But the only bad thing was the bathing water is salty. So beside the hotel we had water cans so ordered them to take bath. We are so lucky that every where we went like Canggu or Nusa Lembongan islands we were only the guest at villas no one else were there It was like an private villa completely. On sixth day night we took scotty of the workers at villa on rent for two days. We left out for dinner had some time. On next day morning we set out for a trip to Nusa Penida. We need to go to yellow bridge(the bridge that separates two islands) to take an boat to Nusa Penida. You can also go on a private boat but we opted for local public boat which carries local people to and fro. After we reached Nusa Penida we had two options of travel to cover three places one is bike and another is Jeep. We opted for bike with Google navigation we reached our first spot successfully. But my suggestion is not to take bike, go for a cab though it’s little bit expensive. The roads here were worst. And the Sun has showed up for entire day. The first spot was Kelingking point. It was an beautiful view. from the top but we haven’t dared to go downwards to beach although some people were going. Be careful if you opt going down to beach here. It’s not so safe.

The other two places we visited here are Broken Beach, Angel Billabong. The other two places are good. It’s worth going on a day trip to Nusa Penida. We enjoyed hard with awesome views and hot burning Sun. We reached back to hotel by evening got refreshed and left to Dream Beach and Devil's Tear point. These beach was awesome with white sand and had good time. Devil’s Tear point is good don’t go near by it’s dangerous. On the way back we had a dinner at a restaurant near by hotel. Last day of our trip came so we decided to do Snorkeling. We hired a private boat to do this. This was also an fantastic experience. Usually they cover three places. The boat journey and snorkeling was good. The water was crystal clear. Please check the photos below

Sorry we don’t have under water photos currently to share with you. The fish world under water is one of the best experience added with Budha temple too. After snorkeling we reached back to hotel we packed everything and left to yellow bridge where our pickup Jeep comes. We took boat reached back Sanur from where the cab picked us and dropped at airport of Denspar.


Please carry cash because at lot of places they accept only cash payments.

Average Cost for Stay : 1500 -5000 INR per night depending on your choice

Flight Tickets : 25000 INR to 40,000 approximately to and fro from Bhubaneswar, India

Transport : 15000 INR for total travel (inside Bali)

Food : 500 INR average per meal

Water Games : 5000 to 10000 depending on your choice

My Stays @Airbnb :

  1. UBUD : https://abnb.me/82Kuf65Mr0

2. Canggu : https://abnb.me/2xidn8JMr0

3. Nusa Ceningan : https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/17129531

Feel free to comment if there any queries.

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Thank you for reading.



Android Dev, Interested in Traveling, App development. Based in Hyderabad, India. Catch me at https://about.me/satyapavankumar

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Satya Pavan Kantamani

Android Dev, Interested in Traveling, App development. Based in Hyderabad, India. Catch me at https://about.me/satyapavankumar