Performance-optimization tips for apps while rendering the views

What is TaskStackBuilder and why do we need it?


When we press an app icon and open an app it displays an Activity with UI where we can navigate further between fragments or activities. When we navigate between different activities the system stores them in a stack and this stack of Activities can be defined as Task. …

A look at Jetpack’s one-stop solution for all deferred tasks

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As part of app development, we do background tasks like syncing the local database with the server, prefetching some data from an API, etc.

Understand Process, Tasks, and Back Stack


Building an Android app is easy. But building good-performing apps under various use-cases will be brilliant. So if you have an Android Studio downloaded there is nothing that we need but few clicks to follow to create a project and install an app by running the project. On the other…

An easy and simple authentication process for apps via firebase


Nowadays authentication has become common in almost all apps. And many of us know it would be like an overhead for beginner developers to learn and start working on the complete authentication flow from the client and server-side. Also, small start-ups at the earliest point might not be interested to…

A Jetpack recommended solution for storing data using Protobufs that provides type safety


SharedPreferences the common way used for storing key-value pairs in local storage. Datastore is a replacement to SharedPreferences to overcome its shortcomings. Datastore is an advanced data storage solution that was built using Kotlin coroutines and Flow to store data asynchronously, consistently, and transactionally. There are two ways to store…

A Jetpack recommended solution for storing data asynchronously


SharedPreferences is the common way used for storing key-value pairs in local storage. We have been using the SharedPreferences concept since the start of Android development. As we are migrating to the latest programming languages like Kotlin there needs to be an advancement in terms of dealing with SharedPreferences. SharedPreferences…

Add floating bubbles like IOS styled AssistiveTouch menu or Facebook Chat Head

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In Android, Floating bubbles or ChatHeads allow quick access to core features without fully opening the app. For example, replying to messages through Floating bubbles.

Handle system-wide and custom broadcasts

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  • Activities
  • Services
  • Broadcast receivers
  • Content providers

Know what a foreground service is and integrate one into your Android app

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